KoiCulture welcomes Rinyukai Indonesia

KoiCulture welcomes Rinyukai Indonesia

Postby vinsonchua » 05 Dec 2012, 15:12

KoiCulture continues to build its outreach for the learning of nishikigoi and in pursue of friendship thru scales, we like to welcome our fellow brothers from Rinyukai Indonesia.

Rinyukai Indonesia was set up by a collective group of Indonesia Kichi and many heavyweight hobbyists whom names many would be familiar with. Zen Nihon Rinyukai is one of the largest and oldest club in Japan, and the appointment is the first formal appointed Rinyukai club outside of Japan. Pak Felix Denanta is Chairman of Rinyukai Indonesia, and Pak Hendrawan Sudarp is Vice Chairman of Rinyukai Indonesia.

Our brothers from Indonesia have been working relentlessly for their love for the koi hobby and its beauty. The big success of the "1st Rinyukai Indonesia Super Koi Show 2012" held in June 2012 was a big testimony of their effort. The quality of the show is an eye-opener. Pak Handy Yusran who we met at the show was a great chap and was extremely generous to make sure we are at home.

It is this passionate for the fish and bond of togetherness that all koi brothers seek to accomplish. Together we will continue to build harmonies among community and nishikigoi lovers worldwide. "Friendship thru Scales"

Keeping Nishikigoi is a humble experience.
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Re: KoiCulture welcomes Rinyukai Indonesia

Postby WilGan » 05 Dec 2012, 19:17

Was glad I was there to witness the event. It was the biggest koi show I have seen so far with so many entries!

It was also there that I managed to meet Bro Vinson. :ymhug:
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Re: KoiCulture welcomes Rinyukai Indonesia

Postby kominato » 07 Feb 2013, 11:16

Welcome ! Welcome !
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